Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Teen Read Week

This year, the Children’s and Young Adult Roundtable of the Tennessee Library Association is partnering with the Tennessee State Library and Archives to present a statewide Teen Read Week Program.   
Teen Read Week is October 16th-22nd and the Tennessee Teen Read Week Theme is “A MidSummer Knight’s Read”.  You could incorporate fairy tales, history, or Shakespeare and it makes a great teaser for the 2012 Teen Summer Reading Program: “Own the Night”. 
There is a catch: libraries who participate must commit to promoting, planning, and presenting a Teen Read Week program which will consist of:
  • An arts/craft program, book club, game event or other teen activity centered on the theme
  • A Reading Contest
Participating libraries will receive a starter kit of supplies, which include giveaways, posters, tattoos, etc. and the C-YA Roundtable will present a webinar soon that will present ideas for Teen Read Week programs, books, crafts, reading contests and more!
Stay tuned to the TLA Listserv for more information.  Contact Lindsey Wesson if you have any questions.  Or just comment below and I'll holler across the hall at her....

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