Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The New York Time's bestseller list for August 6, 2012,  includes the book The Mobile Wave by Michael Saylor. Although I've only begun to read the book, I am fascinated!  Let me share an excerpt from page 4:

          "A new technology is often perceived as the linear extension of the previous one, and this leads us to
           believe the new technology will fill the same roles--just a little faster or a little smaller or a little lighter.
           Every now and again, a truly disruptive technology appears and cause major changes to business,
           society, or economies. ...Mobile computing is this type of disruptive technology."

He defines mobile computing as tablet computers and cell phones that contain apps.

We all definitely know these items have changed our own lives. They have changed the lives of the people we serve as well. Calendars, cameras, camcorders, recorders, email, social networking, maps, and etc are all on our phones now.

How are we using these technologies to serve our patrons? How could we use these technologies? Please share your thoughts.